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No. of Enterprises in Western Region declines 8.6% since 2008

The CSO recently released their Business Demography data for 2014 which, combined with the Preliminary Results of Census 2016, shows the continuation of clear economic as well as demographic spatial patterns. The Business Demography data measures active enterprises in the business economy[1] and provides data … Continue reading

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Census 2016 Preliminary Results – What does it say about the Western Region?

The headline figures from the preliminary Census 2016 figures show a population that is growing, nationally by 3.7% over the last 5 years. However it is not evenly spread and it is clear that much of the growth is on … Continue reading

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Slowly but surely?….Progress on the National Broadband Plan

Last week the Cabinet made some important decisions which will progress the procurement process of the much awaited National Broadband Plan. The Government decided who will own the network which will be part funded by the State and also decided … Continue reading

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Local Finance for Regional Development?

While we are all very conscious of the centralised nature of government in Ireland it is interesting to compare the levels and types of funding for local services, investment and development available here and in other OECD countries.   The availability … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Annual Conference of RSA-Irish Branch in partnership with WDC & NUI Galway

The WDC is delighted to be partnering with the Regional Studies Association (RSA) Irish branch and NUI Galway for this year’s RSA Annual Conference.  It will take place on Friday 9 September at NUI Galway. This year’s theme is Planning for … Continue reading

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