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Next Generation Broadband Deployment – Lessons from Australia

As the Department for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources in Ireland prepares the National Broadband Plan Intervention Strategy, it is useful to consider some lessons which can be learned from elsewhere. The experience of Australia is instructive, in part illustrating … Continue reading

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Constituents of GVA in the Border, Midland and West regions, 2012

Looking in more detail at the regional GVA figures for 2012 it is interesting to examine the share of GVA coming from each major economic branch and how this has varied over time and in each NUTS 3 region. There … Continue reading

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Women, men and the jobs recovery

In previous posts we’ve looked at the Western Region’s Labour Market and its Sectoral Profile, but how do these patterns differ by gender? Is the current jobs recovery impacting on men and women differently? While jobs growth is underway in … Continue reading

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