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NPF and Rethinking Irish Economic Development

For all of us interested in the future of Ireland and its economic and social development, the preparation of the National Planning Framework is an important exercise.  The Final draft will be prepared in the next few months following a … Continue reading

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Regional implications of BREXIT- some thoughts

There has been much discussion of Brexit and what it will mean for Ireland, for businesses here, for different sectors, and for social and cultural interactions.  The discussion is, of course, taking place in the context of multiple unknowns.  We … Continue reading

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Diversity in the Western Region – Census 2016 results

In the last few decades Ireland has become a much more multicultural society. To what extent is this also evident in and across the Western Region and what are the most recent trends? Census 2017 Profile 7 Migration and Diversity … Continue reading

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What is Rural?

Many of us probably feel we know what rural means.  Perhaps when we hear the word we think of green fields, or wild mountains, or deserted beaches.  Or maybe we think of small villages, modern bungalows or just anywhere beyond … Continue reading

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