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How are we doing? Annual Earnings in Western Region and other counties

Data on earnings of employees in different counties has just been released by the CSO, providing another important contribution to our understanding of local and regional economic development. Earnings Analysis Using Administrative Data Sources (EAADS) provides statistics on earnings for … Continue reading

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Agency Workers – How Many Are There and Where do they Work?

Introduction There is much discussion about the growth of ‘atypical’ forms of work – such as e-working, remote working, the gig, shared economy and temporary work etc. The WDC has previously examined various aspects of atypical ways of working, identifying … Continue reading

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Recent Trends in Regional GDP

With the Irish economy again experiencing a period of significant expansion (it is estimated to have grown by 6.7% in 2018) it is important to consider how different Irish are regions doing in this time of growth.  While this was … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Regions: GDP in the new NUTS2 Regions

Regional GDP for 2017 has recently been published by Eurostat for 281 NUTS2 regions in the EU28.  This data shows how the different EU regions compare in terms of GDP and how they rank in relation to each other and … Continue reading

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Measuring Rural Poverty – It’s Complicated!

The CSO released the latest data on Income and Living Conditions last December, see here. The headline figures indicate a rise in incomes – increasing by 4.7% between 2016 and 2017, which in turn was higher than the figures five … Continue reading

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